About Caribbean Gospel Flavas


Caribbean Gospel Flavas

We give rise to the diverse sounds of the Caribbean which effortlessly cascade into the rhythmic oceans across the seas. Unaltered by the confines of mediocrity, this sound makes its way into the affluent melting pot of the big city... New York City! No longer boxed in by the frames of the “third world” the program, Caribbean Gospel Flavas has been rocking the airwaves with solid Caribbean Gospel Music and real Caribbean vibes.

Whisked by the cool island breeze whilst giving listeners a unique and memorable get away experience, this three hour program has etched its way to the top and has become a leader in its own right. Undisputedly one of a kind, it is now confidently poised on the stage of the world. This is our song; this is our voice…and we are now one voice. And this voice continues to echo the cry of freedom and celebrate the resonance of change all across the world. Amidst the diversity of our culture, color, race or creed, we are united in spirit as we sway to the pulse of one beat…our beat…united with one love… we stand together as we make welcome this endless trend of equality.

For more than a year, Caribbean Gospel Flavas has been blazing the trail while listeners locally and across the world via the internet, tune in weekly to enjoy a generous and delectable slice of the Flavas. With each bite, they savor the Flavas of the Caribbean sound. Tantalizing, mesmeric, infectious and festive, the rhythms of the seas are submerged in a groovy bass line which is often coupled with the steady musical outflow of Reggae, Calypso, Ska, Mento, Merengue, Salsa, Urban Gospel and the list goes on. Caribbean Gospel Flavas is a cutting edge and high energy radio show, hosted by personality and musician, Ricardo Bryan. Who is also an ardent pioneer in his field. This show has filled the huge void for authentic quality Caribbean gospel programming catering to the large Caribbean community in America. It offers a rich blend of the latest contemporary music from the hottest Caribbean Gospel artist as well as the traditional favorites. Intertwined with a variety of exciting features “Caribbean Classics” highlights and pays homage to the music of the legends of the past who selflessly built the foundation for Caribbean Gospel. “Caribbean News Round-up”, connects the Caribbean community to what’s happening back home and locally in our community. “Caribbean Fun Facts” sheds the focus on the beauty and the diversity of the Caribbean culture, “Quiet Conversations” provides food for the soul; and strength for the journey, this devotional segment is a time of inspiration, empowerment, enlightenment and renewal. While the “Celebrity Artist Spotlight” is an in-depth focus on Caribbean celebrity in the gospel music industry such as Papa San, Stichie, Glacia Robinson, Claudelle Clarke and more.

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, boys and girls welcome aboard the flight of your life…Please fasten your seat belts …this is a warning ! I repeat…This is a warning! You are about to be infused with the eclectic blend of real Caribbean music, brace yourselves, get your praise on…get your groove on and lets lift up the name of the Lord. From this moment on, your life will never be the same… sit back, relax and enjoy your flight on The Flavas…as you savor the flavor of the Caribbean sound with Caribbean Gospel Flavas!


Ricardo Bryan is the creator, producer, and host of the hit radio show Caribbean Gospel Flavas. An experienced radio personality and musician, Ricardo has hosted shows throughout America and the Caribbean. With his cool voice and energetic personality, Ricardo reflects the charm of the Caribbean and keeps his listeners coming back for more each week! Indeed, his passion is to provide his audience with only the best of the Caribbean.

Ricardo has very strong connections within the Gospel Music Industry across the Caribbean and across North America. He is a skilled musician, working with choirs and gospel groups in the New York and New Jersey area. As an active member of the Church of God of Prophecy, he serves as Music Director and Men’s Ministries Director for the Brooklyn District - NY.

When he is not on the air, Ricardo leads a hectic schedule as an International Business and Marketing Executive with GraceKennedy Ltd, where he currently holds the position of Regional Business Manager for North America. He has worked extensively across the Caribbean, Latin America and Japan developing the Grace Brand for his Company.

Ricardo credits his achievements to his deep-rooted Christian principles, and the values that his mother instilled in him as a child. His life’s philosophy is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.